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March 28, 2017



Hi guys!
I’m writing to you all from New Orleans which, if you follow me on Snapchat,
you know I’m here for more school (hooray!).
We are in the full blooms of spring (allergies also blooming) and in Dallas, even currently here in New Orleans, it feels more like the beginning of summer. The weather is warmer than usual for this time of year, extremely humid, and bringing out all the frizz in my hair.. fun, right?

I’m so excited to share this look with you all! I love working with brands to bring you products I can’t live without.. this watch definitely being one of them. I had actually fallen out of the habit of wearing watches for quite some time although I wore one religiously growing up. (I had a red Mickey Mouse watch!) I even have an Apple Watch that I sadly never use and will probably sell.

This watch, however, is sleek, clean, and elegant. Amongst the chaos of my evolving schedule, wearing a watch helps me feel a bit more put together and, in my opinion, refines and dignifies your overall look.

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