Review: The Medium "Intro" Watch

September 28, 2016

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Over the past couple months, I've put this watch through a variety of field tests. From doing classroom crafts with grade 2 students all day, to vacations on the beach to wood shop model building, this watch held its own and has barely even begun to show its wear. What follows are the results of my two-month test period.

Out of the Box

Firstly, the reason I picked this watch, and the first thing I immediately appreciated upon unboxing it was the material palette. The face and case are a subtle yet elegant stainless steel, topped off with a genuine leather strap that I found enabled me to pull this off with almost any earthy-tone streetwear or formal outfit. Not to mention that you can get the back of the case engraved through them (see below for my engraving choice), which was a pretty special touch.


For starters, I'm going to be eagerly waiting awhile to see what the long-term patina looks like on the leather strap, as I'm sure it will be fantastic. As far as the case goes, if you're into casual swimming with your watch (even though I haven't personally done it on account of the leather strap), you can pull it off since this thing is water-resistant enough to manage almost any pools.

Being such a simple and continuous stainless steel case, I would caution OCD wearers that case scratches on the underside are relatively noticeable under certain lights. Despite my initial apprehension that the flat crystal face might fare about as well as an iPhone screen, I have had no issues, and moreso it's extremely easy to clean. Ultimately, I wore it pretty confidently knowing that it has a two-year warranty backing it.


I have extremely small wrists, so my first concern with watches is usually that there will not be enough holes to keep the strap done up tight enough. Thankfully, this wasn't a problem here, and I even have one extra hole just in case I somehow lose even more wrist girth. Moreover, the medium (pun intended) face size made me more confident about wearing this alongside bracelets without being too scared about scratching.


Back in July (see previous picture), I paired this watch with some vintage-meets-modern western digs for a few Stampede week events. Since then, I've experimented with a whole variety of outfit styles and come to realize that I like it most alongside my timeless streetwear. White tees, fine denim, varsity sweaters, oxford shirts, and strapback hats all seem to go absurdly well with this watch. Furthermore, the tonal colours and how well they pair with other browns and oranges make it almost impossible for me not to declare this the official watch of fall.

Hayden Pattullo, Medium Ambassador & Curator of Style Out Here

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