Questions & Answers: Raising Ugana

July 08, 2016

Questions & Answers

Anna Robbins

We are very honoured to introduce Anna Robbins, a humanitarian leader, aspiring entrepreneur and an avid fitness blogger in Washington, DC!

Anna has just launched a scholarship program called, Raising Uganda which currently is based out of Mokuno, Uganda and Kampala, with the hope of spreading to additional schools throughout Africa. Currently she endeavours to bring awareness to the lack of education in certain places throughout the world by building her social media presence. Anna currently works as a running coach for a non-profit organization called Teens Run DC in Washington DC where she mentors youth and teaches life skills. Anna was very excited to talk to us about how she uses her Medium as a force for good, and we were truly touched by her dedication to helping others. Check out Anna’s website at to see all the great work she has been doing!

Anna Robbins - Raising Ugana

What’s your passion?

I am very passionate about regular community service. When I was in high school, I had a teacher who allowed me to stay with his family often. He gave me a piece of advice and inspiration that I have tried to live my life by: "if you want to make a difference in this world, you have to be different." I really believe that each of us was born to shine. My hope is that I can encourage people through my service to be less focused on what they can't do and more focused on what they can!

What’s your Medium?

I had always wanted to travel the world and study cultures because I love learning about people! When I was in college I held a number of leadership positions which fueled my passion for giving my time and helping others. It was during my time at Brigham Young University in Hawaii, while working with and serving as the African President that I fell in love with my African culture and desired to go to Africa and start an organization to help youth obtain quality education there. I started a campaign my last semester of college and was able to get a scholarship and funds to go serve in Uganda with an organization called Days for Girls. Among the many friends I made who shared my passion for giving, one was named Dennis Mulondo. We discussed how we wanted to help the youth in Uganda and talked of putting together a project that would improve health and education in Dennis's local communities.

In 2016, we invested in a plan to create a scholarship foundation for youth ages 8-16. Dennis is a soccer player and was able to get through school on a soccer scholarship, despite the struggles at home financially and being raised by his single mother. My background in exercise science, business, and humanitarian work combined with Dennis's networking abilities, athletic ability, and knowledge of the community, made a perfect combination for the emergence of the Raising Uganda Athletic Scholarship. Since our official launch just a few weeks ago, we have partnered with several schools in order to provide local Ugandan youth with adequate education. We have also partnered with a company with a similar mission called Unlock Hope, where we sell inspiring apparel to help us raise funds for the scholarship. We are now putting together a mentorship and soccer coaching program that Dennis will run with local and international as well! We are super excited about our movement and hope that our mission will spread quickly! There is so much good to be done in the world!

How are you a force for good?

Raising Uganda is inspired by the African Proverb "It takes a Village to Raise a Child". Each of us are given different talents and abilities so we can lift one another. I believe in the power of unity and the gift of true charity.


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