Questions & Answers: Kolbie Nesset

December 30, 2016

Questions & Answers

Kolbie Nesset

We were very delighted to talk to Kolbie Nesset, a 24 year old film director from Regina, Saskatchewan.
Kolbie recently won three awards at Living Skies Student Film Festival in Regina on March 5th, including the Best of Saskatchewan Award, Viewer’s Choice Award, and Best Actor Award for her film Stigma. Kolbie made the time to sit down and chat over the phone and tell us how she uses her medium as a force for good. At the end of our conversation, we were truly touched by her compassion for the issues that matter most to her.

Kolbie Nesset - Film Director for Stigma

What’s your passion?

I believe very passionately in bringing awareness to sensitive issues that really need to be addressed in society including domestic violence, suicide, sexism, mental illness, racism, expectations set for females and other issues affecting women. I have always loved film and am a storyteller by nature, and I am very thankful I have had the opportunity to portray the issues that are important to me in a relatable way.

What’s your Medium?

My medium is storytelling on screen. I have just about finished my education in Film Production at the University of Regina, during which I have completed my latest short film Stigma. The firm is currently in its film festival circuit and is about a woman struggling with the expectations of motherhood in society today. It touches upon her battle embracing the role of a wife and mother as well as trying to grasp her own sense of identity and sanity. I have also just finished working as a Special FX Coordinator on WolfCop 2!

My other jobs include Director of Marketing & Sales for a few companies, writing a script for a feature length film and running my company Living Off the Land Essentials where we make and sell all-natural, nontoxic, biodegradable home and health products with my co-owner. When I am not shooting a film, or working elsewhere, I am a world-traveler, yogi, dog rescuer, wine-lover and incessant bather, just trying to make the world a better place!

How are you a force for good?

I hope that by addressing tough topics, I can help society get past certain stigmas regarding issues such as domestic violence and mental illness. I hope to connect with people emotionally and let them know that they are not alone.




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