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Questions & Answers: Charming Chaos

June 17, 2016

Questions & Answers

Justin Styler

What a pleasure it was to sit down with Justin Styler, an inspiring lifestyle guru committed to creating a brand that defies the norms of the fashion industry. 

Charming Chaos is an up-and-coming brand (based in Calgary) that inspires people to embrace who they are. Justin made time to visit our offices in person, agreed to become a MEDIUM Ambassador and let us help tell his story and how he is using his medium as a force for good. By the time he left, his passion for Charming Chaos was truly an inspiration to our staff and it's clear that he is on the brink of embodying a way of thinking that will impact thousands of people.

Justin Styler - Charming Chaos

What’s your passion?

Growing up, my mother was a costume designer, one of her larger projects being her work for Cirque de Soleil, so my clothes at home, even if they were purchased from a store all had a personal touch. Being around garments that were out of the norm served as an inspiration for what I sought to achieve through Charming Chaos. I express my passion for the fashion industry through social media. Our company Instagram page already has an expensive amount of imagery showcasing what Charming Chaos and I have designed, while it is also creating hype for our up-and-coming business.

What’s your Medium?

In March 2015 I had a dream of creating a lifestyle brand called Charming Chaos. A year later, and with a lot of hard work, my team and I are operating our own men's and women's streetwear line. Our goal is to design and create a community that is set apart from the fashion norm. The name Charming Chaos is a play on our yin and yang qualities. We may have our serious moments, but our playful and funny sides shine through a lot of the time. This same idea transcends our “clean” and “dirty” line that we are working on. We are designing clothes from the understanding that people and their style change day-to-day. Thus, we want people to have choice and diversity when it coming to picking garments to wear, because your style should reflect what people feel represents them that day. Aiming for a Fall 2016 launch, our company aims to build our brand around an image of self-expression taking a step beyond just being a retailer, but creating a culture.

Charming Chaos endeavors to express this via social media outlets in order to build a group of followers and fans, who with a lot of current success, are slowly becoming customers. Instagram especially has been a major key in building our audience. Instagram is a favorite of ours, as unlike other social media platforms, Instagram provides a very unique and personal take on traditional advertising and sharing. The pictures and outfit shots, also known as "Fit-Pics" or "Looks" have been a great way to provide inspiration for our followers, and showcase our art. Not only do we get to show off some of our favorite pieces of our own, we are graced with the ability to showcase our favorite pieces of clothing from various brands and designers that we follow ourselves. Because of the unique ability and attachment that Instagram has, it has become a somewhat of a Fashion Blog for us. Not only do you get to see a bit of the behind the scenes of our operations, you are tuned into new collages of looks that we post daily! The best part is, it's always real and genuine. With a website in progress and a highly developed Instagram platform (@charmingchaos_co), our company is well on its way to success!

How are you a force for good?

We encourage people to not take no for an answer when it comes to their clothing choices. We wish to create a culture that influences people to be themselves and create a style without limitations.

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