January 04, 2019


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How did you get into music/rapping?

Pat: I got into rapping through Tupac. Listening to different rappers really expressed their passion and their emotions through this raw kind of poetry. I've gotten into music just from following rapping into "what would the next level of that be?"

Matt: So, I first got into music in high school through a songwriting class I had. It taught us the fundamentals of recording audio and manipulating it as well as there was guitars and pianos in the room so I kind of got to mess around with a lot of those in a safe environment and learn from some people that were years ahead of me.

What about music culture or hip-hop culture inspires you?

Pat: Hip hop culture inspires me just because it keeps moving. It's always changing and the definition of it is kind of always been fluid. Nobody ever really sticks to one thing and music culture is very much the same just always changing and evolving with whatever times people are feeling. You know what I mean?

Matt: I think the thing about music culture that inspires me so much is it's really inclusive and it's also competitive. There's a lot of great talent out there as well as everybody's kind of supporting each other to push each other further and further and that is really great.

What inspired you to pursue music?

Pat: The thing that inspired me to pursue music was the idea that it could impact somebody else as much as it impacted me, that there could be something you might feel that somebody else might to articulate just a little bit better than you but remind you that you're not the only person feeling the music.

Matt: I think the main reason I started pursuing music was it was a bit of a risk and it was a bit off the beaten path. It was something that would take a lot of commitment and time and honestly, I just loved it so much that I didn't want to spend my time doing anything else.

How important is timing to music?

Pat: Timing is everything but nothing at the same time. Timing can be whatever you want it to be whether that's the tempo of a song, the timing of the song, the timing of the release and how you're going to introduce it to the world and when and where but it's really all up to you, it's in the hands of the creative.

Matt: Timing is everything especially with music, it's the tempo of the song, the BPM, it's the rhythm of the drums, it's the way you play the piano, it's just… it's the fundamental core of all music.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become a musician?

Pat: I'd say if you're looking to become a musician that you should be authentic that whatever you write should be from you. It shouldn't be for anybody else. If it happens to reach a lot of people, then that's great but make sure that whatever you're putting out into the world is something that is honest and as you and genuine.

Matt: I think the advice that I would give to someone who's looking to become a musician would be to do a lot of research online and figure out what angle you want to approach. If you want to be a guitar player, look up a lot of videos of guitar, find a lot of things that inspire you. It's easy for people to lose interest over a long period of time so if you can find something that you're really really interested in, then it's a really good fit for you.

When you're not in the studio where can we find you?

Pat: When I'm not making music in the studio you could probably find me in the mountains, out of town and just really isolating myself and trying to find ways to interpret energy and turn that into something that might be a song, that might be related to music, that might just give me some sort of spark of... I guess creative energy.

Matt: When I'm not in the studio I'm usually at my office working as a videographer or taking photos and I do a lot of graphic design. I like to spend my time in the mountains getting away, getting inspired and I like to get out and meet people to hang out with and relax on the weekends

How do you balance your time?

Pat: I have a hard time balancing my time and so I make sure to put things ahead of other things depending on how important they are and when they need to be accomplished. I just keep moving and being that time is something that never stops I just make sure that I accommodate for what is more important at the time.

Matt: I balance my time by prioritizing my goals. There's not enough time. I'm of the mindset that there's not enough hours in the day and keeping track of my time is so important because I need to know what's coming up next, what I'm working on right now, and kind of checking those boxes off the board.

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