No Fear

April 03, 2017



I had the opportunity to collaborate with a watch company called Medium Watches and it was such a great personal project to take on. This company is probably one of the coolest watch companies I have seen. You actually have the option to engrave the back of your watch with the proper mantra you would like to keep with you always. This feature really makes this watch feel like yours, like it was almost made for you.

I chose the mantra " Focus on where you want to go not on what you fear". This was such a personal message for me because it really is about my current journey I am taking right now. Taking that big leap of faith that things will work out and really just putting fear aside and saying to myself; "hey, you got this!" By trusting in yourself and staying focused on what truly makes you happy, you can strive in life. My dad always told me "jump and the net will appear" so I felt this was the perfect mantra to put forth and to put out there to focus on.

I have loved styling my Medium Watch with my fashion looks, it is such an easy piece to style and it goes with absolutely everything. What I really loved about this watch the most (aside from their awesome mantra feature) was the fact that I could dress this watch up with a nice dress or I could dress it down with a pair of jeans and could just rock on for the weekend with my go to accessory piece. They have such a wide variety and each watch has such a great look to them. The other bonus with this brand is that they even have a men's line. My husband is all about getting one of these watches to add to his looks because lets face it, according to him, men don't get a lot to choose from to style with in this fashion world, so he is super excited!

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

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