Live To Be You

March 10, 2017



Everyday is different. The things that we do that inspire us can define us, make us different, and also create who we want to become.  For me, modelling and fashion are what make me passionate to start everyday.

I don’t want to be known as just a model. I want to be know as a role model. One whom strives to be creating inspiration, passion and perseverance to people that want to create a path of creativity. My passion first came from the feedback that I was consistently getting from friends about being more than just a face.

Fast forward to the future and I notice the consistent growth that happens daily and I want to continue to inspire others to live out their passion. I want people to live to be themselves through their own fashion sense and style influence and share it with the world to show their uniqueness and difference.

The strongest piece of advice that I would give to someone learning more about modelling or interested in engaging in a field of arts would be in the aspect of confidence. Myself, just like most people started with seldom confidence, struggling with every image taken and how I can drive it to be a better success. It comes with time. Now, a year later, and I definitely feel I have absorbed a lot of confidence, and I thank that to the amazing team of people that continue to work with me and showcase more than just basic modelling but instead role modelling. 



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