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October 25, 2016



Are you a watch person? I am, ever since I was old enough to own a watch, I wore one. But in recent years (since I got an iPhone and the battery on my Michael Kors watch died on me AGAIN, not to mention that I would probably get it wet since I have to wash my hands a million times a day) I have not been wearing one, and I have to say that I really miss having that statement timepiece in my fashion arsenal.

Choosing a watch (I think) is a very personal decision because we all look for different features and not every size and shape of watch suits every person's body. Although I have quite a slender wrist,  I don't really like the traditional small "ladies watch" but I also don't want a watch with a face so big it could have come from the men's section. As for the metal I currently have a silver-colored watch but I also wear yellow gold a lot so it would be nice to have one in that color. I don't typically buy a lot of rose-gold jewellery and although I think it's lovely, I don't think I would purchase a watch in this color. Another go-to color though would be black, it's versatile and it never really goes out of style.

Brand Alert!

I am a big supporter of local brands and I have recently come across a Canadian watch brand that I love the look of and I will definitely be putting one of these babies on my X-mas list this winter; MEDIUM Watch Co is a company based in Calgary, Alberta and I love that their designs are simple but streamlined and luxurious but still affordable. They make watches for both women (The Debut) and men (The Intro), using a wide range of materials from gold to black stainless steel to leather and although the designs come across as simple, they are anything but boring. My favs are The Debut in Black & Gold, The Debut in White & Gold and The Debut in Turquoise & Black.

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