If Not Now, When?

March 28, 2017



Life is all about defining your purpose. For me, it’s always been trying to make a difference and finding out how I can I start to make that change. Each day we wake up thinking today is just another day, but little do we know life can throw us a curve ball or bring us beautiful surprises. This year, I started asking myself “If not now, when?

Stop doubting yourself and start pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Early this year, life decided to surprise me and challenge me to leave my city life and move to the island for a career opportunity I couldn’t resist. The answer seems like an obvious yes but in spite questions and hesitations, I eventually cave in after asking myself “why not? What do I have to lose?”

We sometimes forget that change is what we need to challenge ourselves and grow. If I did not take on this challenge, I wouldn’t be spending my weekends by the beach unwinding after a long, crazy week at work. I mean, who can resist the crystal clear ocean water, sunshine and fine sand?

Now it’s your turn to ask yourself: “If not now, when?”












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