Cody Madore

August 24, 2018


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  1. How did you get into dance?

I originally got into dance when I was in Grade 9. I had a friend who was dancing at the time and introduced myself and a couple of our other friends to it. Ever since then we haven’t been able to stop and have built an entire community in Calgary around it. 

  1. What about dance culture inspires you?

Lots of dance culture inspires me! There is just so much, I just like to watch how other people move and they’re style. When you watch different people you noticed that everyone has their own quirks and their own movement so its incredible being able to see it live. 

  1. What do you like to convey through dance?

I just try to have fun with it. Right now I’m trying to get more into battling so with that I’m just trying to convey having fun- if I lose that, I don’t really see the point of doing it. 

  1. How do you balance your time while you’re practicing dancing? 

(Laughs) It was hard difficult to be honest. When I was first learning it was about balancing school and dance. During the day we would go to school and after school we would all meet up at the local community centre and practice. Growing up it becomes even more challenging. You have a job and you feel tired after working long hours but you have to stay committed. As you get older and your time is restricted you have to figure out a way to use it wisely. 

  1. How important is time in your life?

Super important! There was a time when I stopped dancing because I was so busy and I just couldn’t find the time to do it. When I stopped it changed everything: I wasn’t feeling like myself. Dance is such a big part of my identity that if I don’t make time for it, it feels like there’s something missing in my life.

  1. What can we expect next from you?

I have been teaching for the last two years and now I’m ready to take some time for myself and focus on battling. 

  1. What advice would you give to readers who are looking to get into dance?

Don’t be afraid to try it. Its going to be awkward.  Everyone is awkward when they’re trying something for the first time but you just have to give it your all. Remember that  it is going to take time: everything in life takes time and practice. So you have to be ready to commit those hours.

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