An Outlet for Creative Expression

January 17, 2019


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A native-born Hungarian with strong influence from his European roots and great attention to detail, Andras is very well known in photography. With no formal education in the field, Andras picked up his first camera at age 15. At that young age, he decided photography was too complicated and required a
certain state of mind; so he gave up. After nearly a decade, he picked up a camera again. And this time he had a better senseof what he needed to do to learn the art of photography.

In 1999, Andras moved toCanada. He did not plan to settle here but, because it was such a large change, taking photos was a way to release his stress. Walking the streets, being captivated by the homeless and their stories, Andras spent all
his money on new camera equipment. Those days, only film was available. Although he finds landscapes beautiful, Andras was more drawn to people and their stories.

Photography is more than just picking up a camera, pointing, and shooting; it’s understanding light, angles, composition, and so much more. Able to set his creative mind and to concentrate on his subjects and surroundings, Andras finally
fell in love with his true-life passion. Where most people walk by everyday beauty, Andras captures the charm of such objects, people, and places.

“I use my camera as a poet uses his pen, through my eyes and the lens of the camera; I capture the moments and blend it into a story. I strive to have my photography reflect everything that life has to offer, whether happiness, beauty, pain, or sorrow—all the hardships and triumphs of life.”

Andras is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer; he was named “one of the most unique wedding and portrait photographers in Europe and Canada” by Fuji Film and ISCS North America. People are his focus and passion—he loves looking at them, finding moments and capturing feelings.

We asked him what mantra he lives by. He said, “Remembering the path it took me to get here, to this level. Never forgetting that the only way we all persevere is by making mistakes. And when needed by others, being willing to help. To never look down on anyone, but to help them.” Given his passion, he encourages them to not give up—and to make more mistakes. He says that’s how we all learn. “I tell this to all my students— this is fundamental.”

Because photography is an outlet for his creative expression, Andras has never looked at his career as a business, although it’s his main source of income. His passion has shaped his life. Most of us would feel lucky to do what we love and make a life of it. Waking up every morning, he doesn’t feel as if he is going
to work. He calls it “a truly liberating feeling,” and says each day possesses a new story in his book of life, while capturing special moments in other people’s lives.

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