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Adventure in Everyday Life

April 15, 2019


1) First off, we love the name twowildtides. How did you come to that name?

We tossed around names for months before we decided on twowildtides. Initially we knew we loved the word ‘wild’ and all the freedom that came with it. From there, we knew we wanted to include the ocean somehow, which is where “tides” came from. There are highs and lows in life and the tides really embody that. Finally, the “two” represents both of us. We’re two young women living our lives, embracing the highs & lows while striving to find adventure in everyday life.

2) Why did you girls decide to start a travel blog?

Curiosity. We’re curious about the world around us. We’re constantly making an effort to learn about different cultures, climates, places, and people. We want to share our experiences and what they’ve taught us. Both of us have a huge passion for writing (Linds is currently writing some plays) and photography (Char has her own photography business @charlottegardinerphotography). Our passions aligned and allowed us to create this platform to share stories of the human experience.

3) What kind of travelers are each of you?

We’re spontaneous planners. We like to have a rough outline of our itinerary and always do research of our destinations. We like to have a list of a few things that we have to do in each location and leave the rest up to how we’re feeling that day. There’s something to say for getting lost in a new city – embrace getting lost. We often find the spontaneous adventures become the most fun.

4) Linds, you mentioned having a travel bucket list, can you share your top 3 and why. Char do you typically go more with the flow traveler?

Linds – I just want to see the entire world. I want to meet people from every country; I want to hear their stories. I’m so interested in what it means to be human.

  1. Peru – I’ve had a deep desire to visit Peru since I was a child. I have yet to tackle South America but fear not, it will happen. I love being outside, hiking, and exploring therefore Machu Picchu is an absolute must! I’m always dreaming of that stunning view.
  2. Antarctica – This one is simple, I want to hit all seven continents. I think it would be a super cool experience all around. However, this one is extra pricey so I need to start saving.
  3. Turkey – The architecture in Istanbul looks jaw dropping. I would like to wander the streets and take in this beautiful city with some baklava, of course!

Char – I am definitely go with the flow. I embrace opportunities as they arise. With that said, there are also some adventures I seek out and plan ahead for. It all depends on where I’m headed and who I’m with (and how much change I have in my wallet). I’ll just add that I’m really hoping Linds will invite me to Peru (hint hint)


5) What’s your favourite destination and why? 

Linds – I’ve had the opportunity to travel quite a bit and I have fallen in love with so many cities. I have to give you three and it was hard to narrow it down that much (in no particular order). 1. Marrakech, Morocco – Best food I’ve ever had in my entire life (Tagine all day everyday). It was so different to anything I had ever experienced and I was so grateful for that. It was eye opening and beautiful. 2. Edinburgh, Scotland – It feels like you’re walking back in time, I love the feel of this city, the old buildings and the history everywhere. 3. Bali, Indonesia – The people are so friendly, humble and kind. Plus, there’s incredible surfing, beaches, and hiking.

Char- Like Linds, I can’t pick just one. Each destination I’ve taken in has unique qualities that are incomparable. I love the culture and history of Mexico. In both the north and south, Mexico has the most vibrant colours, flavours, and people. Sri Lanka has such a rich heritage and worldview. You can be jammed in 8-lane, bustling traffic for hours and still feel immense peace and gratitude. And we can’t forget Canada. From coast to coast you can experience every climate and terrain imaginable. I love every travel experience I’ve had in this country so far, but I still have so much left to explore.

6) Travelling can make you feel burnt out or home sick, how do you deal with that while being so far away?

Linds – When I travel, I’m usually staying in hostels and backpacking. After a while, you can feel the burn out but I love it. Honestly, I’m so grateful for these experiences that when I’m burnt out or home sick I remind myself of my privilege to do this. Also – eat your vegetables and try to get some sleep.

Char – Like Linds, I always remind myself of how lucky I am. I also remember how hard I’ve worked to get there. And if either of those fail, I tell myself “it’s temporary” but I never wish my time away. Life’s too short.

7) What are tips you girls have on saving money, but still taking in all the experiences of a destination? 

We work our butts off before we go, often working 3 jobs to save up as much as possible. We budget for the more expensive activities that we know are important to us. After that, it’s a matter of what we have left and what activities are feasible with it. We’re also a big fan of grocery stores – yes we’re those girls in the hostel or homestay with a bag of apples, loaf of bread and peanut butter. We treat ourselves to a nice meal or two of local food but would rather save our funds for adventures/experiences. Thank you, peanut butter.

8) What is your next destination? 

Linds – I’m heading to Ontario again shortly and would like to make it back out to British Columbia in the near future. As far as other countries go, I think Peru will be my next big one. I’d like to pair Peru and Ecuador together on a backpacking adventure. We shall see! Jordan is also pretty high on my list!

Char – I’ll soon be off to Cuba, then heading to Ottawa, Toronto, and possibly Halifax. These are all places I’ve been already, but also places you need to visit multiple times to get the full experience. After that, I’m really hoping to get to Europe next year.

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