We are Canadian!

May 07, 2016

While our designs are all done in Canada, our product is customized and worn worldwide by our friends & ambassadors that value their individuality. Our offices are based in Calgary at the doorsteps of the Rocky Mountains. We can see them if we climb on the roof or just head to the right patio for a Big Rock beer.

Strangely enough, we found this poster at the Draplin Design Company in Portland and it now sits on one of our walls.  Aaron Draplin really sums things up best with his description below:

We love Canada. And this lust started long ago, with family trips across the border into Windsor, Sault St. Marie or Sarnia. And you’d be in a whole other world. The candy got weirder. Everything was accompanied by a French translation. G.I. Joe guys suddenly came in weird colors, unlike their counterparts in the states. And it was awesome. This is what I remember.

As a designer, I noticed all the beautiful governmental graphics, provincial signage and a general beautiful sense of clear, smart Canadian design. I loved Canada for this. And John Candy. Thank you, Canada. This is our ode to you! We really packed it in, and had to jump from our normal 18” x 24” size up to 24” x 30”. There was just much good stuff up there eh. 

Product Details:

01. Printed on thick, uncoated French 100# “Pure White” poster stock.
02. Four colors, man! “Hockey Puck Black,” “Bleed Out Dark Red,” “Canada Flag Red” and “CBC Glory Days Light Red”
03. 24” x 30”! Big, like the country itself! Yukon Territory style!
04. The perfect item for that Alberta mountain shack, Winnipeg apartment, Waterloo tech lab wall, dorm room, county clink cell, Vancouver coastal shanty, Thunder Bay wooded lean-to or Toronto high rise penthouse.
05. Hand-numbered, using our patented freehand technique.
06. Insanely limited edition.

In simplified terms, Canadians are just nice, friendly people with a lot of cool emblems and patches for our jackets.  

DDC Product Description and link in case you want to buy your own here.

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