Factory Visit to Shenzhen, China

May 17, 2016

Another important factor in the development of our brand is that the factory that we are using is impeccable and treats their workers well. So with a couple weeks before the product is set to ship, our product specialist decided to make a "quick" trip to Schezwan, China.

What a journey to get there but upon arrival, we were so pleasantly surprised by the organization and the impeccable conditions! 

With 11 employees that work there, the company provides them with housing close by and a housekeeper that makes dinner every night. Their attention to detail was far better than we hoped for and they really shared our passion for launching MEDIUM correctly with quality materials and design.

We went through all the details from the quality of our straps, buckles, movements and crystals. We visited the strap manufacturer to double check our leathers and to the display manufacturer to ensure production matched the design. This ended up being a good thing we made the trip as there seemed to be a pink hue in the displays! The actual in-store displays will be white and provide an amazing impact.

One week until our product ships and we couldn't be more excited!


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