The Gathering of Cult Brands.

February 03, 2016

Where better for MEDIUM to learn how to be an influential and relevant brand than at The Gathering?  The Gathering is the annual coming together of the world’s most coveted brands to share secrets and learn from the courageous leaders and trailblazers who are reaping the benefits of unbreakable brand affinity and loyalty. 

The brand leaders from Converse, Vice, Air BnB, Roots, Spotify & Cult (just to name a few) were extremely influential and truly understood that we all stand on the threshold of an entirely new marketing universe. One where ideas can finally triumph over money; where the goalposts no longer frame target audiences and mass awareness; where word-of-mouth is worth more than the gold; and where irrational loyalty can turn Davids into Goliaths more quickly than ever before.



We were so inspired at The Gathering and can't wait to put all that we have learned and that inspired us into MEDIUM.

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