Our Brand Soul

December 07, 2015

Before people can buy from you, they have to buy into you.

                                                                                    - Chuck D, Public Enemy


We wanted to create a brand that has soul and meaning. It needed to have substance and guidance. The substance will be important in designing the emotional experience for our ambassadors, customers and followers. This substance will provide guidance that will help us infuse this experience through our product and essentially all of our physical and digital channels. 


Our process consisted of visualizing the brand while looking through the eyes of our future ambassadors and customers. First, we started with the perception of the brand (good and bad). Second, we tried to visualize the hot buttons we would have as an ambassador and customer. Third, we boiled down all of the emotional and functional answers to define the core essence of our brand soul.


The exercise happened over the course of a number of days and weeks to make sure we didn’t leave anything out and then compiled them into our soul chart:

The result of the exercise - the brand soul of MEDIUM:

  • Individual Expression
  • Connection to Creative & Driven People (Unity)
  • Clean Feel

These 3 elements are our soul. They are the drivers of our designs, collaborations, campaigns, social content, partners, creative ideas, focus and whatever else the brand may ultimately evolve into. The soul will help us grow the brand in a singular direction while keeping symmetry across all channels. Whether our customers discover MEDIUM online, in store or in the wild, this will help us replicate the same experience. 


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