Meet Our Newest Ambassadors: HϟGH Fitness

June 17, 2016

We were so excited to sit down with Amber Zenith & Emily Nelson - two inspiring women and the co-founders of HϟGH Fitness. They had just come off a wildly successful  HϟGH Fitness event at Theater Junction in Calgary where 250+ participants experienced an epic concert style workout that had them sweating and having the time of their lives.  

HϟGH Fitness is the latest fitness craze that so many people are addicted to and with the energy of Amber (based in Calgary), Emily (based in Utah) and their 200+ instructors, it is spreading across North America. Emily & Amber made time to visit our offices in person, agree to become Medium Ambassadors and let us help tell their story and how they are using their medium as a force for good. By the time they left, their energy had spread like wild fire through our offices and it's clear that they are going to use their MEDIUM to reach millions of people.

Amber Zenith and Emily Nelson of HϟGH Fitness

What’s your passion?

We love fitness and wanted to create a space where people succeed with their fitness goals, without comparing themselves to others. We want people to feel good about their own bodies, focus on the high from fitness and not torture themselves with society’s unattainable versions of perfection.

What’s your Medium?

Co-founders of HϟGH Fitness, we have created a high intensity workout that combines the comfort of simple choreography and the dynamic body sculpting fun of a vigorous workout. We have worked hard to create an environment that welcomes any person who shares the simple goal of improving their vitality, health and coordination. We look for interesting venues and spaces that change periodically including pop-up shops, offering mobility and anticipation to our clients. Embracing fun, intensity and consistency, these interactive classes target all levels while still pushing you to work hard. High Fitness’ feel good atmosphere entices attendees to “get addicted to being fit”. With over 200 instructors to choose from, each adding their own flair to the choreography, the routines boast a uniqueness that can only be found at a HϟGH Fitness class!

How are you using your medium as a force for good?

We inspire people to become the best versions of themselves.


Amber’s custom MEDIUM watch case back: Because you can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop.


Emily’s custom MEDIUM watch case back: You will never get this time back, slow down and enjoy the moment.

 Amber Zenith - Case Back

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