What's in a Name?

December 04, 2015

We’ve put a lot of thought into a name for our new company. We wanted to create something simple, easy to remember and nice to look at. Our goal with this piece of the puzzle was to not only think of a name, but to think further down the line about a name that will allow our brand to resonate with millions of people.

Some of the key things that identified our future customers:

  • their fashion and lifestyle choices seek to forge their own individual identity
  • the need to engage them by helping them in a unique, genuine lifestyle
  • values real, visceral experiences and people
  • confident in their identity - his/her fashion and accessory choices are an expression of who he/she is
  • interested in why things exist

The Outcome:
We wanted to create an vehicle of expression. Like an artist, the vehicle is the important piece between the individual and expression. Whether it’s a guitar, computer or clothing, our customers value that outward expression and we needed a name that capitalized on that. The name must represent this “vehicle” or “bridge” that creative people use to transfer their ideas to reality, which is why we’ve chosen the name: MEDIUM.

A company that is all about individual expression through a chosen medium. A pure connection between an idea and an outward symbol of who we are. This ties directly back to our customers and the market we’re putting ourselves in: unique, genuine, expression, experience,

The Benefits:
The name will allow us to create collections targeted to specific moods and people. It will allow us to design watch cases with many strap options that can be put together on a canvas and let people design their own medium. MEDIUM will become the bridge that helps our future customers take their ideas to expression in a simple way.

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